odevtech@gmail.com is a scammer

Janeah asked 6 months ago
odevtech@gmail.com is a scammer
http://devtechplus.io scam website. they scam me and my friend

https://expeditetools.com/ is a scam site. He got me for $900 and keep requesting for more money. He blocked me when i requested for a refund.
Email: expeditehackers@gmail.com is a scammer
Hangout expeditehackers@gmail.com scammer
WhatsApp +1(281) 502-6055 scammer

ICQ : 747159131 scammer

ICQ:748151986 is a scammer
WhatsApp:+1 405-283-3584 is a scammer
Email:wusoftware007@gmal.com is a scammer
He took my 350

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